Here is what mental health professionals say about our workshops:

Just wanted you to see how happy we get working together on our TIR!!

Just wanted you to see how happy we get working together on our TIR!!

Thank you so much for devoting your time and efforts to teaching me a new philosophy. TIR has changed my life and given me a whole new perspective on how to offer my clients the inner peace and solace they are searching for to move ahead into their beautiful future. I feel privileged and plan to use and practice TIR in my practice.

– Anastasia Geramanis, LCSW

LSR works!!=))… I just wanted to share with you that I had a fantastic day in the office today…What you are doing is important and it matters. It matters in my life as a therapist and because it matters in the results and life of the client in therapy….I had 2 clients who called in today-one was new…never been to counseling before…The whole session was totally TIR/LSR focused and it felt great!…it worked great! My second client..I love the session structure which stopped his spinning, his eyes lit up with a big grin…his EP [end point] was so meaningful and empowering to him…He is eager to do more sessions and picked up about 5 business cards to pass out…Hooray! It works!!!=)))
– M. H., LMHC

The information was delivered in a professional thorough manner. Very informative.
– M. M., MSW

I learned more than I expected to! The videos and practice sessions were especially helpful.
– T.T., LMFT

Excellent techniques, can be applied immediately.
– O.V., LMHC

I have had only wonderful things to say about you and Ulf and the training. I actually am excited too as that two days after our training, I did my first Basic TIR with one of my clients. It went incredibly well! I was so excited to try and so pleased with the results.

Very informative/ interesting! I liked the cohesiveness of the group and the interest of the presenter.
– D.A., PHD

Excellent. I will use TIR with most of my clients, both old ones and new ones.
– K.M., LMFT

I liked the ease and linear approach to working with clients thru trauma.

Very experienced and effective teachers. The results of this intervention are powerful.

This was an excellent workshop. It was done in a professional manner. The material was presented in an easy to understand form.

Great job – loved group exercises and when we broke into pairs.
– M.T., LCSW

I have to tell you that EVERYONE I met through TIR is amazing and this whole method of therapy has transformed myself and my practice. It really changed my life and I am so happy that I took your training.
– A.G., LCSW

Interesting and most informative presentation of a new technique. Very informed presenter with an excellent knowledge base coupled with an ability to convey information effectively.
– J.L., LCSW

The workshop was extremely effective. Every phase of the workshop was excellent – delivery, answering the questions, theory and experiential activities.
– C.M., EdD

Excellent content, interesting concepts.
– W.W., PHD

My impression was very positive. The TIR workshop was appropriate, interesting and so real to remove and change the pain of the clients with trauma.
– C.R., PHD

Excellent, knowledgeable trainer! I’m excited about getting certified and using these techniques.
– M.B., LMHC


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